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Wa‘ab CHC

Wa‘ab Community Health Center

The mission of the Wa’ab CHC is to improve the health of the residents of Yap by providing affordable access to quality and comprehensive health care. The organization will meet the needs of the clients with care, compassion and with the highest quality. This mission will be accomplished with the highest moral and ethical regard for everyone with whom we come in contact.

The Wa‘ab Community Health Center (WCHC), located in Yap, FSM. The WCHC operates from four sites and in a clinic at the hospital in Colonia, located in different areas in what is known as the Yap Main Islands (YMI), where approximately 66% of the total Yap population (approximately 7,400 of a total of approximately 11,300) reside. Ninety-five percent of the population living on the YMI is Micronesian, with 99% living below 200% of the federal poverty level, and 91% uninsured. Forty-eight percent are under the age of 20.

Until the establishment of the Wa‘ab CHC in 2006, most of the healthcare services were hospital-based and too dependent on the emergency room, which effectively functions as an outpatient walk-in clinic. With the Wa‘ab CHC clinic sites in place, primary care is now available within 5 miles of everyone living in the service area of Yap Main Islands. Like the other Pacific jurisdictions, major health problems include diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, with the overlay of infectious diseases – dengue, STDs, leptospirosis, diarrheal diseases, and cholera. Low birth weights, tobacco and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, suicide and a very high rate of dental caries in children are also major concerns.

Key barriers to care include lack of transportation (public or private), lack of communication/telephone systems (only 31% of households have telephones), illiteracy, language barriers, difficulty in getting and distributing supplies and medicine, and cultural taboos against physical contact and discussions between males and females of related clans.

WCHC provides services to approximately 5,600 people (25,750 encounters) each year via the five clinical locations. The clinics are true collaborative efforts with the Wa’ab CHC and the communities in which they are located.

Wa‘ab Community Health Center
PO Box 1010
Colonia, Yap, FM 96943
Phone: (691) 350-8351
Fax: (691) 350-8450

Primary Contacts:

John Gilmatam
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Dennis Agapito
Medical Director

2018 Federated States of Micronesia Health Center Data
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