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Wa‘ab CHC

Wa‘ab Community Health Center

The Wa’ab CHC is located on the island of Yap. Yap is a State in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), which is a sovereign nation that signed a Compact of Free Association with the US. The Wa’ab CHC was established in 2006. The WCHC operates from four sites (Gagil, Tomil, Maap/Rumuung, Nimgil, and Marbaa) and in a clinic at the hospital in Colonia, located in what is known as the Yap Main Islands.


The mission of the Wa’ab CHC is to improve the health of the residents of Yap by providing affordable access to quality and comprehensive health care. The organization meets the needs of the clients with care, compassion and with the highest quality. This mission is accomplished with the highest moral and ethical regard for everyone with whom we come in contact.

Wa‘ab Community Health Center
PO Box 1010
Colonia, Yap, FM 96943
Phone: (691) 350-8351
Fax: (691) 350-8450

Primary Contacts:

John Gilmatam
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Dennis Agapito
Medical Director

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